Brass Hot Forging Parts Investment CNC Machining Die Casting

1.We can in accordance with the requirements of you to help you make the molds
2.High precision aluminum alloy die casting, controllable tolerance+-0.02
3. Die casting mold flow for mold design inspection
4.The molds identified by customers will be placed in partitions
5.The newest Yizhimi, Toshiba and Lijin die-casting machines can control the aluminum alloy die-casting parts without sand holes and pits
6.The density of die casting finished products is uniform, the products are not easy to break, deform, and stable in quality
7. More than 30 years of die casting experience
8.Advanced production corollary equipment


Brief Introduction To Aluminum Die Casting Products  

Aluminum die casting is a kind of die casting parts. Aluminum die castings are aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts with the shape and size limited by the mold, which are cast by the die-casting machine using the die-casting machine that has installed the casting mold to pour the aluminum or aluminum alloy heated to liquid into the feeding port of the die-casting machine. Such parts are usually called aluminum die castings

Ordering machine die-casting

die casting manufacturer

Sample Case:


Product Material: environment-friendly aluminum alloy ADC12, ADC1, A380, A360, Alsi9cu3, Alsi12Cu1Fe, LM25, etc.,We can customize the materials specified by customers

Surface Treatment: ultrasonic cleaning, vibration, grinding, polishing, sand blasting, painting, powder spraying, electroplating, oxidation, etc.

Workshop Display

Ordering machine die-casting
Die Casting Workshop
die casting manufacturerDie-castingOrdering machine die-casting
CNC Finishing WorkshopTesting CenterMold Workshop

Surface Treatment

die casting manufacturerDie-castingOrdering machine die-casting
TM WaveGrindPolishing
die casting manufacturerDie-castingOrdering machine die-casting
Ultrasonic CleaningSandblastingPainting and powder spraying

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